Brain twisting puzzle game

PLOCKiT is a game of deceptive simplicity and countless hours of delicious problem-solving. The goal is straightforward but you will definitely need to put that grey gelatinous goo in your skull to good use in order to achieve it.

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Our daily lives are chock-full of moments when we just want to take the mind off whatever is bothering us. Or maybe kill some time while at the proctologist’s waiting room… A good old fashioned puzzle game with a twist seems perfect for the job.

PLOCKiT’s innovative game mechanics and stripped-down design create an experience similar to actually holding a real-life, physical toy in your hand. Rotate it around, adjust the perspective, think ahead. Just be careful, once you get going it’s hard to put it down.

How to play

1. Get cozy

2. Play

Once you are set it’s time to start the game. Twist and turn the blocks around to guide the ball safely to its home – no extra instructions should be required thanks to the game’s intuitive nature. It’s like a Rubik’s cube with little tunnels running through it; arrange those random holes in just the right way, so that the ball rolls all the way from top to bottom. Combine that with real-life game mechanics and you get PLOCKiT.

Players are allowed a certain number of moves and each level can be completed with three moves to spare. Features like power-ups are there to lend a helping hand and additional surprises like daily gifts are just waiting for players to discover them.


“Played it while pooping, was not disapoopted.”

I’ve spent way too many hours on this without regret. Highly recommended!


PLOCKiT lives!

Yup, the best kept secret among fun little puzzle games has been reborn.

PLOCKiT now has a updated look and a fresh soundtrack, courtesy of the beat maestro Gramatik. There are bug fixes galore, new levels with new obstacles, hidden surprises, daily gifts, and of course in-app purchases, while the game remains to be available for free. Obviously the purchases are optional, but those power-ups can come mighty handy when you get stuck.

plock it - PLOCKiT lives!

Interiew for Best Mobile App Awards Blog

PLOCKiT’s head designer and developer answers a few questions about the process.

In a wildly unexpected plot twist, PLOCKiT received a Silver Award in 2015 in the category “Mobile Games”. They also asked our chief developer a few brief questions and he was happy to oblige.

plock it - Interiew for Best Mobile App Awards Blog


plockit! - Liam

Likes to play with balls

plockit! - Rok

It doesn’t work… Why?

It works… Why?

plockit! - AK

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

plockit! - Andraz


plockit! - Ziga

Pays the bills and stuff

plockit! - Gramatik

Master of sound. Keeper of the beats. Lord of…

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